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Tuition and Fees Assessment Team


The WVU Tuition and Fees Assessment team was formed in the August 2018 with a goal of providing a framework for the campus to allow WVU to seek Board approval for tuition and fees.   An additional goal is to assess students Board approved tuition and fees in an effective manner.


Important Dates for Fall 2019

March 27                         First day of registration

June 30 (Sunday)            First fall assessment – tuition/fees, room, meals, student insurance and                                                waivers; display available aid

July 1-2                            Review accounts for accuracy; adjust if needed

July 2                                Fee Assessment will feed to MAP

July 2                                Late fees assessed for summer and prior terms

July 3                                Open STAR portal

July 4                                WVU Holiday

July 5 or 6                         eBills sent due August 1

August 1 (Thursday)         Due date (100%)

August 2                            Late fees assessed on fall and prior balances >=$200

August 4                            eBills sent due September 1

August 11                          Aid disburses

August 16                         Earliest financial aid refunds will be available via direct deposit

August 21                          First day of classes – lists sent to Housing, International, Veterans,                                                        Athletes, Online and Beckley/Keyser. Lists will be sent weekly to those at                                              risk of drop.

August 28                          eBills sent for all changes made during add/drop due September 1

September 1 (Sunday)      Due date (100%)

September 2                      WVU Holiday

September 3                      EOB – drop those with a balance >$1,000; late fees assessed

September 6                      Last day to be reinstated BY NOON with full payment less $1,000 plus                                                   reinstatement fee of $250